About Resume Parser

Resume parsing refers to the automated storage, organization and analysis of job resumes. Resume parsing software provides companies an efficient way to identify keywords, skills, and so forth, in order to sort through large quantities of applications to identify the best applicants.

Let’s get a quick view that what resume parsing actually does

  • To build the unstructured form of a resume into a structured form. Hence, a resume parser acts as a compiler or interpreter.
  • To quickly help you identify the most relevant resumes based on your criteria i.e. it acts as a component that automatically segregates the information into various fields and parameters.
  • A resume/CV parser builds a data structure; a “parse tree,” or an abstract syntax tree by taking input in the form of a sequence of program instructions

Experience the Amazing Benefits:

  • Promotes Smart Talent Acquisition
  • Faster Closure of Jobs
  • Saves Your Valuable Time
  • Say Goodbye to Manual Resume Screening

How Resume parsers work:

Resume parsers filter through resumes and CVs, extract relevant information, and store it in a database. Recruiters search these databases for keywords and phrases, and get a list of appropriate candidates who are ranked on how they match these keywords and job profiles.

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