When good enough is not enough

Our focus is attracting, hunting and identifying the right people who will make remarkable contributions to an organization.

Consistent, repeatable, and easy to communicate, the ensures people and companies enjoy the same success we do at Cowan when we find that perfect person who fits our team like a glove. THe perfect fit is what every individual wants, and every company needs.

Screatives is based on the science of alignment. We identify top talent from a larger pool of candidates and assess them based on alignment with the company’s culture and the position as it fits within the greater organizational goals. We measure top performers against the defined outcomes of the role because we understand that past performance is the strongest indication of future performance.

We don’t gamble with your success

Our seamless recruitment process eliminates the guess work. The company selects the right person ifor the right job opportunity when two people have the same skill, experience and education. Success is more than just skill. It’s team synergy and common beliefs.

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