Talent Mindset

Transformative Technology for a New Business Era

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)A holistic understanding of the way people at your company work together to produce results. We dig deep to understand why people want to work for you. A strong EVP is what attracts top talent to new opportunities.AttractPitching the opportunity. We don’t just make your company stand out from the competition, we package and sell the chance to work for your organization.

As the business ecosystem turns increasingly digital and cognitive, Screativesoft take’s a fresh approach to IT to future-proof their business. Emerging technologies can help re-invent the existing IT landscape and create a winning edge by embedding intelligence into strategy, deploying new business models, increasing agility and driving innovation.

If you’re looking for a powerful strategic recruiting approach that has powerful long-term impacts, you really only have two choices: employer branding, and a “recruiting talent pipeline.” While almost every major corporation is investing heavily in building their employer brand, it’s quite rare for one to actually have a high-performing external recruiting talent pipeline. A recruiting talent pipeline approach is known by a variety of names, including a “recruiting prospect inventory,” a “recruiting pool,” or a recruiting network. It is designed to give you a continuous supply of high-quality and interested external recruiting prospects to choose from. It is strategic because it has a long-term talent-supply focus, which means that critical jobs can be filled faster and with higher quality and more interested prospects.

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